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Tim Shtok

Journalist, writer

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The book was to be published by a major Russian publisher in May 2022. In mid-March, however, the publisher informed me that "due to the current political situation," he had received a tacit order not to publish texts that contained anything unflattering about the authorities.

Late at night in the lobby of an empty movie theater, Artem meets a girl, whose existence in the modern world is even hard to believe. It is even harder to believe that their feelings are mutual. However, Masha has a secret that she carefully hides, with very serious reasons. Over time, she decides to tell him everything about himself. The truth provokes a whirlpool of events and fundamentally changes Artem's life. He will plunge into the world of big business and high technology. There he will see a great opportunity to improve the lives of ordinary people. But is he ready for the fact that the ruthless, greedy, utterly corrupt, authoritarian state machine will see his good deeds as a threat to its existence?

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