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I want to continue my writing career

My savings, with which I left Russia, have practically run out. But I need to move on. I want to be able to openly express my position on what is happening in the world, and I need your support for that. You can support an independent writer affected by political censorship in any of the ways listed below: Any donation, even $5, makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your support!

Let there be as many reasons as possible for sincere smiles in your life :)

Donate via By Me A Coffee

Donate in crypto:

USDT (TRC20): TQfic2A3Rgt6uuhReNnvy9Q2AT1fCueR7b

USDT (ERC20): 0xec94BD1Bf597692fDBAeBA385b19aAe6279834B4

BTC: bc1qqxy2zvpvvjj0k4s353jrspjfz6kwlukf8nd9s0

If you want donate using bank transfer, please fill out this form and I'll send you my details.

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